About Us

Welcome to The Pink Crown Boutique!  Come shop for all the latest, hottest, trend-setting, clothing, shoes, and accessories.  We are a US based online retailer with the goal of providing nothing but good quality goods.  The Pink Crown Boutique launched in 2020 with the expectations of being nothing less than amazing.  We were previously known as "PinkLab Beauty & Boutique".  But due to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to rebrand and change our name after only being in business for 3 months.  Instead of giving up we chose to get going and take that opportunity that they thought was going to end us and let it strengthen us!   

Message from the Owner

Hello!  I am Shari, the owner of The Pink Crown Boutique.  Fashion has always been my passion and I finally get to bring all my style to you beauties.  Shopping is like my all time favorite hobby.  I believe in being humble, strong, and independent.  With this platform I hope to promote self-love and self-expression.  Be You.  “The original is always better than a copy.”

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience "Stay Pink'd Out"