Frequently Asked Question 


Q:  Are your clothes true to size? 

A:  Most pieces are true to size.  If they are not I always notate in the product description.

Q:  Can I order more than one item?

A:  Yes, of course you can.  Just add all the pieces you would like to your cart and checkout!

Q:  How do I add a coupon?

A:  When you checkout on the payment screen it should give you the option to add a coupon code.   Make sure to type it exact.  If you are still having trouble please contact customer support.  info@thepinkcrownboutique.com

Q:  Is pickup an option?

A:  Yes.  To avoid the shipping fees pickup is an option.  But we are located in New Bern, North Carolina.  If you do not stay in the area I would highly recommend shipping the items. 

Q:  Are out of stock items restocked?

A:  I rarely restock items.  Please follow me on social media to catch any restocks.  The way these warehouse are set up now its hard to guarantee a restock.  I suggest that you purchase any items your interested in when you see them.